Copywriting and Content Writing: What’s the Difference?

Image: Copywriter Today

What is Copywriting?

You may think ‘content’ is just the new marketing buzzword for ‘copy,’ and I wouldn’t blame you. People often use the terms interchangeably, but there are distinct differences between the two.

What to Look for in a Copywriter

  • You want to find someone who is more to-the-point than wordy.
  • Look for plenty of examples of ads, video scripts and landing pages in his/her portfolio,
  • Check to see the results of the copy by asking for analytics on actions taken on the page.

What is Content Writing?

Imagine a customer stumbles on your business’ Facebook page for the first time. Your product images and descriptions look great, but there isn’t a lot of activity on the page. Zero blog re-posts. No status updates. Little engagement. Would the customer buy from your company? Probably not. Your business is new to them, and they need to know more about your company before making a purchase decision.

What to look for in a Content Writer

  • You want to find someone who chooses readability over jargon.
  • Look for plenty of samples of educational content like ebooks and how-to articles.
  • Ask yourself: are they engaging? Content writers are masterful storytellers.

Which Should You Use?

Your blog should strive to have the best of both worlds: valuable, informative, and authoritative content wrapped up with a clear CTA. Where content writing is educational and creative and meant to be shared, copywriting is direct and focused on a sales-generating end-game. You need both to run a good business.



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