Why your business needs local search

If a searcher finds multiple addresses or phone numbers for your business, he or she may assume the company is not in existence anymore, or be unable to locate the building.

Businesses can keep track of citations manually by keeping a spreadsheet of URLs and listing names. From there, businesses can choose to update these listings on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. For companies with a bit more money and less time, tools like Whitespark ( www.whitespark.ca) can help them keep track of citations. In addition to verifying information, your company should keep up-to-date pictures on citation links, and make sure all photos are uniform across all links.

If googling your business’ keywords returns results for Yelp or Facebook pages, it would be advantageous for your business to rank highly on those pages, create content for those pages or buy advertising space on them.


What’s the best local search method in your opinion? Leave your comments below!




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Moriah John

Moriah John

My name is Moriah John and I am a Digital Content Producer. I am the founder of moriah.digital, a blog on digital marketing topics. Email: moriahmjohn@gmail.com